Galactic Oil Pen™ Vaporizer Usage Instructions



  1. Make sure the Galactic Oil Pen vaporizer battery is charged. Make sure the battery’s contact head is clean of debris.
  2. Screw on a filled Galactic Oil Pen Cartridge. Make sure its contact head is clean and plush with the outer ring.
  3. Simply inhale from the mouthpiece for up to the length of time the red LED lights stay on and blink (5-6 sec) or take smaller, shorter puffs as needed.

Note: The Galactic Oil Pen vaporizer is designed to perfectly vaporize the liquid for up to 5 – 6 seconds and will automatically time-out in order not to overheat the liquid. It is recommend to keep the Galactic Oil Pen vaporizer tilted down so liquid so that the wick is absorbing the liquid. Also, avoid covering the air vents with your fingers to allow for proper air flow.



  1. When the Galactic Oil Pen vaporizer battery is out of power, the red LED lights at the bottom will blink several times as soon as it is inhaled from. It is recommended to let the Galactic Oil Pen vaporizer battery fully run out of power before charging. It is also best to let the battery get a full charge before using.
  2. Unscrew the cartridge from the battery and screw on the Galactic Oil Pen USB Charger in it place.
  3. Plug-in the USB charger into a USB port. A red light should turn on, indicating that it is charging.
  4. It takes a good 2 – 4 hours, minimum, but sometimes even sooner, for a full charge. When the charge is done, the red LED lights on the bottom of the Galactic Oil Pen vaporizer battery will blink several times and the USB charger light will turn green to let you know it is done charging.
  5. Unplug the USB charger from the USB port
  6. Unscrew the USB charger from the battery.

Galactic Oil Pen Cartridge™ Usage Instructions


  1. Gently pull off the mouthpiece with one hand while holding the cartridge firmly on both sides. Set it aside.
  2. Remove the rubber plug from the opening at the top of the cartridge and set it aside.
  3. For best results, insert a properly sized tip dispenser or included filling adapter fully inside the cartridge before injecting or filling with eJuice.
  4. Fill or inject eJuice or oil into the cartridge. (If first time use, please see “Priming” below.)
  5. Replace the rubber plug into the opening at the top of the cartridge.
  6. Wipe off any extra liquid from around the opening and snap the mouthpiece back on.
  7. If storing for later use, leave the storage cap on to prevent leaks. Otherwise, remove and use.


  1. For best results, make sure your eJuice or oil is at room temperature or warmer before filling.
  2. If using a brand new cartridge, only fill with a small amount of eJuice (just until the wick is covered) and let it soak into the wick for a few minutes. (In case of problems, not much will be wasted)
  3. Hold the cartridge between your palms for 2 – 3 minutes to warm up the contents, or for best results, using a hair dryer set to LOW heat, blow on the cartridge while spinning it to warm up the contents.
  4. Once contents are warm, remove the storage cap if one exists, and take about 10 stong drags on the cartridge only. You should be able to taste the flavor of the contents.
  5. Attach the cartridge to the battery and try it. If not optimum, repeat steps 3 – 4. If good, fill as needed.

Note: The amount of liquid will appear smaller after a few uses. This is normal as the wick soaks up some of the liquid initially and some is pulled into the atomizer unit.


  • Keep contact heads on both the battery and cartridge clean and dry. Make sure the contact head on the cartridge is plush with the outer ring so that it fully contacts the battery contact head.
  • Do not store in extreme heat or cold. Like all batteries, they may experience expansion and contraction due to extreme conditions.
  • Replace cartridges as often as needed. Dirty cartridges and wicks can cause rapid battery loss and less than expected results. If the eJuice loses flavor and tastes less than desired, or if it is difficult to inhale from, it is probably time to replace it. To replace, simply unscrew the old and screw on the new one.
  • To clean the inside of the Galactic Oil Pen cartridge mouthpiece, you can use non-toxic home cleaning products like rubbing alcohol. Please allow time for adequate drying.